For all ages & levels - Learn for your own pleasure and/or for exams. I offer a range of music styles, encouraging each student to set their own learning goals, so that they enjoy learning music that interests and motivates them.

I believe that everyone has musical ability, and take time to encourage all students to find and fulfill the potential that lies within each and everyone of them. I aim to teach students how to teach themselves so they can continue the learning process at home, feel the thrill of personal success on a regular basis, and be proficient with music for their own lifelong enjoyment.


I currently teach limited hours in 2 locations:

Private Home (Toowong)

My mother's house (Bellbowrie)

Lessons are available at the following rates for 2017:

$34 per 30 minute lesson (for students of all levels)

$51 per 45 minute lesson
(recommended for students preparing for Grade 3 AMEB exam or higher)

$68 per 60 minute lesson
(recommended for students preparing for Grade 6 AMEB exam or higher)

Lessons are invoiced on a term basis (usually 9 or 10 weekly lessons per school term). Invoices are issued in the last week of each term, then payable by the first week of the following term (allowing at least 2 weeks notice). See below for conditions relating to missed lessons or cancelling enrollment.


Download the file from the resources page in order to print, sign & return to me.

I appreciate a family environment that shows interest and support of the student’s musical education as this will help them develop to their full potential.  Whenever you find some spare time, ask them about their practice or listen to a piece their learning to play – understand it might not be perfect & give them encouragement all the way.

Lesson progress and improvement in musical ability depends on consistent daily practice, and both parents and students share the responsibility to ensure that good study habits are developed and maintained.  It is essential (and I require) that every commencing student:

-     has a well-maintained instrument at home (be that flute or piano – I consider an electronic keyboard a very temporary solution and insist that parents start looking into the hiring or purchase of an acoustic piano or digital keyboard with touch sensitivity ASAP)

-     has a distraction free space with adequate light in which to practice

-     adheres to a consistent daily practice schedule - 5-7 days a week, even through school holidays. Obviously the more the better but please ask me for an approximate guideline if you are unsure how much practice your child should be doing.

-     is punctual to all lessons and that parents pick them up on time (if a student is late to a lesson, I do not extend their contact time as I have a schedule to keep to)

It is expected that students attend all lessons and maintain their practice schedule, with involvement in other extra-curricular activities no excuse for reported slackness.  Students and parents alike must learn to organise their time effectively, and take their music study seriously if the child is to make progress.

Thank you for abiding by these guidelines in regards to missed or cancelled lessons and fees:

a.          There will be no refund or credit for missed lessons (see below for circumstances)
b.          If the student gives a minimum of 24 hours notice before the lesson informing the teacher of the cancellation, a make-up lesson may be possible at the discretion of the teacher.
c.          If a student misses a lesson without informing the teacher of the absence, no make-up will be offered. 
d.          The teacher will reschedule or credit any class that they may cancel. 
e.          Parents are required to notify me of upcoming vacations or absences and give a minimum of 2 weeks notice to avoid being charged. 
f.           A notice of one month is required for students discontinuing lessons for any reason.

~only exception to rule B~

If a child wakes up sick in the morning I ask that you contact me before 8am as after this time I will be teaching with my phone off and thus unable to receive calls. If you leave it til after this time I won’t receive the message until the end of my teaching day & no make up will be offered due to such late notice.

I ask you to understand these conditions from the teacher’s perspective, in that, I allocate each student their lesson time each week, and when they fail to attend there is nothing else I am able to do with the time.  It is very ineffective business practice to continually let such occurrences slide, and as such I must state the boundaries in order to safeguard myself from losing income.  Feel free to approach me if you have any questions or wish to discuss any of these conditions with me.

Tuition is payable on a term basis only, and accounts are delivered at least two weeks before their due date. A late fee of $5 will be assessed for each week payment is late. Holiday lessons are usually available at client's request. 

Thank you